Dragon Light

Dragon energy is an upgrade in your vibration to greater Light and Love. 

Who is this session for?

Dragon Light sessions are for you if you’ve been desiring an upgrade in self-love, self-worth, and self-compassion to help you to identify and achieve your goals and intentions of healing, creativity, and encouraging new possibilities.  Dragon energy is inspiring, motivating, and very playful!

What is Dragon Light?

The high vibration of Dragon Light creates feelings peace and harmony throughout your body. It allows for greater self-love, compassion, and spiritual purity to be brought forth through transformation and transmutation to the Light. It feels like a loving hug!

What is a session like?

In-Person Sessions: I have a welcoming treatment room in my home. We will chat a bit before beginning your session. My treatment room is a “no judgment zone” and everything we discuss is completely confidential. You will remain fully clothed, but will remove your shoes prior to lying down on a massage table. You will lie on your back during your Dragon Light session. It is important to be relaxed during your session, so we will always discuss the most comfortable positions for your body.

During your treatment, I act as a bridge for the Dragon Energy to pass to you. You may notice sensations of warmth, vibration or gentle tingling as Dragon Light energy upgrades your 12-chakra system and then moves to areas of your body that require relief or an upgrade to a higher vibration. You may sense a connection with your own personal dragon, the elemental and planetary dragons, and/or angelic beings, guides, or loved ones. 

You are welcome to meditate, relax and fall asleep. After your session, you will sit up slowly, drink some water, and we will discuss any questions or insights you have had during your session. I will also share any insights or messages I received from the dragons that they wish you to know.

How often should I have a session?

As often as your body would like! We can set up regular sessions weekly, monthly or seasonally.  I do offer packages for clients who would like regular sessions.

What is the cost of a Dragon Light session?

60-minute session – $97.00

Ask about our special pricing on packages.

How do you schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please use the Link below, call me at (830) 265-1283, or email to [email protected]