Here’s what clients and customers have shared…

“I feel like I am finally at the start of a brand new beginning. My energy feels so much lighter, like there is nothing blocking my way anymore. I just want to thank you again for everything! These past few sessions have done so much more for me than all the work I had been trying to do on myself in the past decade or so. It feels amazing!”


“Thank you so much for all your passion and commitment to making the world a better place to live for all of humanity. You are a natural-born facilitator/teacher and it was a delight to be a participant this past Bars Class I attended!! Truly a great experience all the way around, including my new improved access to my consciousness.”


“I booked a Past Lives Reading with Luminous Blessings and couldn’t be more satisfied with the experience. Jonda was nothing less than amazing!! She walked me through the process, made me feel comfortable, and opened up my world in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I walked away from my experience with a deeper sense of who I am. I 100% plan on booking again! Thank you, Jonda. You are an angel.”


“Luminous Blessings!!! I love everything about this beautiful business! Jonda is an amazing teacher and guide! She is brilliant and graceful in everything she does and offers. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and that I get to enjoy working with her at many different levels. Thank you Jonda for being a luminous blessing for so many!!!”


“I had been feeling sad and overwhelmed for a few weeks. After my Access Consciousness Bars session I have felt lighter and more relaxed. These feelings are priceless. Thanks so much Jonda!”


“Jonda is truly gifted and a phenomenal healer. She has worked with me from personal issues to physical issues. Highly recommend Jonda. Thank you Jonda for all that you do. Truly gifted.”


“My session was very professional, relaxing and so informative. I have known Jonda personally and was pleasantly surprised with all her information and how professional she was. I would suggest a session for you.”


“Jonda truly is a Body Whisperer! After a session with her, my body was more fluid & ease-filled!”


“Received a beautiful Akashic Records reading with Jonda. It’s such a blessing we have so many gifted, beautiful energy healers and light workers in the South Texas area. Jonda makes you feel very welcomed and comfortable and explains the process very clearly. I received many deep messages and insights from different timelines from my past lives and how they can intertwine as common threads in my current and even future lives. I highly recommend you try her services as we nurture and grow this beautiful light worker community. Peace, love, Angel blessings and Namaste.”


“Jonda is a very genuine soul! Her gift is amazing, and she has helped me tremendously in the short time I have known her. I feel like I’ve known her forever.”


“Jonda is truly a “body whisperer.” She has studied many varied healing techniques and is a gifted intuitive, all this allows her to use a range of healing modes to bring you a custom healing session to restore you. I have a happy body since having worked with Jonda.”


“I recently enjoyed one of Jonda’s very special guided meditations. The meditation was powerful and beautiful, very heart healing. She was amazing! It was wonderful to be a part of such a large group enjoying the experience together. I would definitely recommend Jonda Watson to anyone interested in energy healing and/or learning how to develop their meditation practices.”


“Jonda recently did a training for coworkers and me.  I was amazed. I was so relaxed and felt at peace when it ended.”


“Jonda makes such delightful creations. Good vibes, good smells, amazing crystals. Go on, raise your vibration with her goodies!”


“Jonda makes the most beautiful pendulums I’ve ever seen!! I have gotten several of her pendulums, some she intuitively made for us, she designed one that I asked for and another because I saw it and just had to have it!! I use these in my work and people love how they look, and they do not get tangled up like others!! I also really love how organized she is with her crystals; she has a book with the name and information about your specific crystal and I just took a picture of the page so I could keep it as a reference. She also includes a diagram of the crystals used on the pendulums.”