Imagine reducing stress and monkey mind, alleviating pain and limitations in your body, and improving relationships and money flows without hard work or a lot of time.  What would it be like to break free from the heaviness of self-judgment and replace it with daily feelings of joy and ease?

Discover how to have more kindness, gratitude, peace and calm in your life and eliminate the trauma, drama, anxiety, worry and depression so common in this reality.

Break through the limitations in your business and relationships. Break out of the comfort zones that keep you feeling like you’re in a box you can’t escape.  Break open MORE feelings of ease, choice, time, money, happiness, fun, adventure and peace.

It all starts with a choice

Hi! I’m Jonda Watson and the owner/creator of Luminous Blessings. I’ve struggled with issues of daily pain, frustration, relationship challenges, and never enough money, time, fun or creativity most of my life. It feels like I’ve tried everything, including regular massage and complementary healing modalities.  I’ve read hundreds of self-help books, watched movies and videos, and attended numerous healing modalities classes, and self-empowerment and infinite possibilities workshops and seminars.  I’ve cried and I’ve journaled and I’ve given up on therapy time and time again.

And, one day, I asked the question, “what now”?  A few days later, I woke up with an awareness to take an Access Consciousness Bars class. I wasn’t sure why I was taking the class or what the result would be. I simply “knew” that I knew that I knew to take the class.  That single question and that single awareness opened the doors to an entirely different reality for me.

Having my Bars run and using the tools of Access Consciousness, I have released debilitating TMJ and trigeminal neuralgia pain; neck and shoulder pain caused by a roller blade accident; lower back, hip and sciatic pain.  Even more importantly, I released lifelong depression, worry, stress, anxiety and chronic adrenal fatigue. I have more time to do the things I truly enjoy and I’m more creative than I’ve ever been in my life!

“Jonda is truly a “body whisperer.” She has studied many varied healing techniques and is a gifted intuitive, all this allows her to use a range of healing modalities to bring you a custom healing session to restore you. I have a happy body since having worked with Jonda.”


Access Consciousness is a set of phenomenal tools anyone can use to shift anything and everything in their life.

It’s not a religion or a philosophy and there’s nothing to follow or believe. Just simple tools.  Access Consciousness “Bars” are a healing modality (or better, a “change” modality) in which 32-points on your head are gently touched to release the charge on your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, explains that it’s like hitting a delete button on your computer. 

When you release what’s no longer working for you, you have more space in your body, your life and your reality for your relationships, your business, a healthy body, more joy, more fun, more creativity and more adventure.

You’re only one step away from the bridge between you and creating a life you’d truly love to live.

“Jonda is a very genuine soul! Her gift is amazing, and she has helped me tremendously in the short time I have known her. I feel like I’ve known her forever, I highly recommend Access Consciousness Bars!!”


What it’s like to work with me…

In two words…easy and fun.  I’ve tried everything the hard way.  You can try that too, although easy and fun allow you to create more of what you’re seeking to create.

For more information about all the services I offer, including Access Bars, Energetic Facelifts, Body Processes, Empowerment Coaching, Symphony of Possibilities, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Reiki and Past Life Readings, please check out the Services tab at the top of this page.

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“Jonda is truly gifted and a phenomenal healer. She has worked with me from personal issues to physical issues. Highly recommend Jonda.”


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